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FAQ – Happie Mints


Frequently Asked Questions

1If I reorder, will I have to pay the set-up fees again?
Yes $15 per color. Flavor, ink & wrapper changes may apply $15 per change.
2Can I get a sample?
Yes & you must provide us with your shipping account information.
3Will I see a proof before my order goes to production?
Yes, we offer 1 free plate & 1 free revision...after that there is a charge.
4Are your mints vegan/kosher/gluten free/etc.?
Our mints are certifed kosher, gluten free, nut free & fat free. (Allergens are Milk & Soy)
5Where do I send my order?
Send all orders to customerservice@stewartcandy.com
6What is the current lead time?
Lead time is 5 days plus shipping for reorders & 8 days plus shipping for new art.
7Do you offer a rush service?
Yes for an additional fee of $100 for new art & $60 for re-orders
8How long do you keep plates?
We keep each plate for 3 years.
9What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy varies on a case by case basis, please contact customer service.
10Do you have the mints in stock?
Everything is made to order.
11How do I pay for my order? Do you accept debit/credit cards?
We accept debit/credit for the first order ... after this you may move to terms.
12Do you charge for using a 3rd party shipping number?
No, we do not.
13What kind of artwork can I use?
We prefer to receive vector files. Additional setup charges may be incurred from artwork prep for non-vector files.
14How many colors can I use for my custom wrappers?
You can choose up to 3 pantone colors
15Can you send a template?
16Do you have standard ink or wrapper colors?
Yes, we have standard wrapper colors.
17Do you offer custom PMS color?
Sorry, we do not currently offer custom inks.
18Am I able to mix flavors or wrapper colors?
No, we do not allow you to mix flavors or wrappers.
19How fast can I get my order?
5 days plus shipping for reorders & 8 days plus shipping for new art orders.
20Can you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally on the customer's UPS, DHL or FedEx account number. All shipping charges will be paid by the customer.
21What are the set-up fees for custom mints?
The set-up plate fee is $60 per color